Senior Showcase

A showcase to show yourself off to
fellow designers and people working
in the design community

I wanted to create a unique environment for my work to live in as well as have the objects on my table play with the elements in my design work.

The elements I really wanted to use in my table set up was turf, cement blocks, exposed wood, old TV and of course disco balls to convey my branding. With many materials creates an interesting juxtaposition in the environment, in turn makes the viewer want to touch and experience what is in front of them.

Objects like tiny plastic animals, rubber ducks and googly eyes were involved as a way to push the weird and add the right amount of busy and color.

This table shows off my personality and what I love about art and expression in myself: color, the life of randomess and doing anything you want, even if it’s putting your business cards in a tin box full of bouncy balls <3

Monday Nov 5 2018